Augrabies Falls

Experience the mighty Orange River as it thunders through a ravine and cascades down into a granite pool 60 meters below. Few sights are as impressive or sound as deafening as the mighty Augrabies Falls when the Orange River is in full flood. In the past, the average flow rate exceeded 7,800 cubic metres per second – more than four times the annual high season average of Niagara Falls. No wonder the falls derived their name from the Khoi word ‘Aukoerebis’ meaning ‘place of great noise’. 


The 18 km gorge offers splendid viewpoints from which to survey the dramatic landscape that unfolds below. Picturesque names such as Moon Rock, Ararat and Echo Corner are beautifully descriptive of this rocky region. Klipspringer and kokerboom (quiver tree) stand in stark silhouette against the African sky; silent sentinels in a unique environment where only those who adapt, survive. The area offers  sanctuary to a diversity of species, from the very smallest succulents, birds and reptiles to Hartmann’s mountain zebra, springbok, gemsbok and giraffe.


Travelers visiting the main falls often find themselves exploring the striking 50 000 hectare ravine ecosystem for hours. 

Riemvasmaak Hot Springs;

About 120 km from Upington you’ll find another unique lunar-landscape formed by volcanic activity. Dating back millions of years, Riemvasmaak is a place of haunting beauty where you relax in the natural wonder of therapeutic hot springs, dwarfed by 80 m high granite cliffs. A wide range of other  activities are also available on site. 


Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park;

A place where red dunes and spikey scrubs fade into infinity… Where herds of gemsbok, springbok, eland and blue wildebeest follow the seasons. Where imposing camel thorn trees provide shade for huge black-maned lions and a vantage point for leopard and raptors… Experience Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – a place of exceptional natural beauty.  


Hiking Trails;

Take a walk on the wild side, or enjoy a guided hike for the full, immersive experience. 

Hiking trails in the area range for easy to difficult, showcasing incredible views, rock engravings and the striking natural fauna and flora the area is known for.


Mountain Biking;

Various mountain bike trails dot the area in and around Upington to cater for novice as well as experienced riders. The terrain is varied – look out for an abundance of bird species and wildlife while navigating sandy dunes, dirt roads, woodlands and gravel roads.

One trail that should not be missed is the Swartbooisberg Trail which starts at Kakamas Hotel. The Witsand Nature Reserve also offers scenic trails for discerning riders. 


4×4 trails;

The 4×4 trails around Upington are as spectacular as they are heart-stopping. The routes beautifully contrast the arid beauty of the Northern Cape landscape with the green lushness of the mighty Orange River. Guided and self-drive options for 4×2, 4×4 or quad bikes cover various distances and difficulty ratings. 


Wine Cellars;

Although the landscape is arid, a variety of crops are cultivated on the rich flood plains of the Orange River. Grapes, raisins and award-winning wines and brandies are the pride of the region. Wine tastings are available at Orange River Cellars, while brandy and wine tastings and brandy tours are available at Bezalel Wine and Brandy Estate. 


Water Activities;

While you’re in the area, take full advantage of the majestic Orange River. Canoeing, kayaking or a sundowner cruise offer a pleasant day out and memories to last a lifetime. For the more adventurous traveller – white river rafting half day trips or extended overnight adventures are also available.



Upington and surrounds offer various spots for fly fishing or bait fishing for yellowfish, barbell lurk, silvers, mudfish, carp or bream.